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Blu Electronic Cigarette How To Videos


This section of the Perfect Electronic Cigarette Class Room is dedicated to the Blu electronic cigarette. The videos below cover various things all to do with the Blu electronic cigarette, from filling cartridges to getting a bigger hit and much much more. I will keep adding to this Blu electronic cigarette how to page. However I cannot think of everything. So be sure to do your part and let me know of anything you would like to know about and would be approprieate for a Blu electronic cigarette how to video. To let me know about your Blu cig how to video ideas simply click the contact us link and shoot me an email.


Simply start browsing our availible Blu electronic cigarette how to videos. Below you will find the titles of our current Blu electronic cigarette how to videos and under them a brief desctription. If one of the Blu electornic cigarette how to videos catches your eye then simply go and click on the title and it will bring you to the Blu how to video that you selecteds page. If you have any ideas for other Blu electronic cigarette how to videos then please let me know and I will do my best to fulfill your request.


How To Get A Bigger Hit Off Your Blu Electronic Cigarette (hints and tips)

How To Refill An Empty Blu Electronic Cigarette Cartridge (toothpick technique)

In this video I go over some various things you can do to get bigger hits off of your Blu electronic cigarette. The Blu electronic cigarette cartridges do not have the best e-liquid and that alone can be one way to get a much bigger throat hit.


In this Blu electronic cigarette hints and tips video I may discuss a few other things that are not related to throat hit. However if you are looking for information on how to refill your Blu electronic cigarette cartridges you will find that in another video.

In this video I will show you how to refill your Blu electronic cigarette cartridges. There are a few ways to refill a Blu electronic cigarette cartridge. In this video I use what I call the toothpick technique.


With this technique you are essentially dripping the e-liquid down the toothpick into the batting. There is another way to refill your Blu cartridges by taking out the cup containing the batting, which I will cover in a future video.


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